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"ONE DAY" LEVEL: $5000 with Pitch Competition & Graduation

  • PRISON DAY 2 - JUNE 2024
  • Includes $500 donation & 100 book donation in your name!
  • $500 of this fee will be donated to Defy Ventures in your name PLUS 100 books will be donated to prison libraries - also in your name! 


Check your email for full details and your security check process!


PRISON DAY 2 - Pitch Competition & Graduation

Go to the Maximum Security Prison with Cayla for the EIT Pitch Competition and Graduation. You participate "Shark Tank Style" in the Pitch Competition, where inmates present their business idea and help choose the winner. Next, you'll be joined by the families of these inmates as they arrive to watch them graduate from the Defy Ventures Program - for many, it will be the first time they graduated from any program.


$500 of your event fee will be donated directly to Defy Ventures to help support these inmates reach their goals. PLUS 100 copies of Cayla's new books will be donated in your name to prisoner libraries across the nation.

June - Go to Jail w/ Kayla w/ Pitch Competition & Graduation

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